Top 10 Han Hyo Joo Kdramas And Movies To Watch In 2021


Han Hyo Joo Kdramas

Prepare to know the best Han Hyo Joo kdramas and motion pictures. Han Hyo Joo is a top-level entertainer who has been overwhelming the Korean business since the time the year 2004. She is viewed as one of the most ethereal and capable entertainers in the acting business. From the get go, you might have a hard time believing that she is a genuine person and not a heavenly messenger. The entertainer had first ascended as a humming youngster in the kdrama Nonstop 5. In any case, soon after a year, she won the Best New Actress grants at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for her exhibition in the low-financial plan film Ad-Lib Night. She began to ascend for fame through Brilliant Legacy, costarring Lee Seung-gi (Mouse). The kdrama was a moment achievement figuring out how to be number one in the viewership rating graph for 20 successive weeks. It had likewise had the option to obtain 47.1% viewership appraisals.

Etc went the adventure of kdrama with Hyo Joo turning into an extraordinary achievement. All through her long-lasting vocation, she has won various honors, for example, the Best Actress Award at the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards for her exhibition as a newbie analyst in Cold Eyes. The entertainer spread her impact universally, as well, in the year 2019. She had assumed the part of Soyun Pak in the film Treadstone. In addition, in the wake of requiring a two years break from kdramas and films, Han Hyo Joo is back. She had as of late been planning for Happiness close by Park Hyun Sik. Here is a rundown of the 10 best kdramas and motion pictures by Han Hyo Joo.

Best Han Hyo Joo Kdramas

5. Spring Waltz (2006)

On number five of our Best Han Hyo Joo Kdramas list, we have the evergrowing drama Spring Waltz. This dramatization was the last expansion to Yoon Seok Ho’s splendid quadruplicate Endless Love. The splendid chief made a bunch of four kdramas dependent on the seasons we experience all around the year. Fall In My Heart in 2000, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, and Spring Waltz in 2006. The chief gives us a splendid, disastrous story in Autumn and advances to a more joyful story in Spring Waltz, which Han Hyo Joo was a piece of.

Spring Waltz

This show gloats of Seo Do Young, Han Hyo Joo, and Daniel Henry in the principle cast. Han Hyo Joo assumes the principle part of Park Eun Young, whose life has not seen spring in quite a while. She and Lee Su Ho meet at different focuses in their life. Everything begins when Lee Su Ho’s dad conned Park Eun Yong’s mom and took all her cash. Since the mother had set aside the cash for her little girl’s medical procedure, she could simply sit back. In the tiring journey to chase down Lee Jong Tae (Lee Su Ho’s dad), Park Eun Young’s mom winds up losing her life in a mishap. While Park Eun Young is at the medical clinic, Lee Su Ho, who feels remorseful on account of his dad’s doing, goes to meet her.

At the clinic, he meets Hyun Ji Sook and Yoon Myung Hoon, a rich couple who just lost their young child. At the point when they deal to pay for Park Eun Young’s medical procedure in return for him turning into their child, Lee Su Ho makes the penance. He takes up the personality of Yoon Jae Ha and turns into a fruitful piano player in Austria. A long time later, Park Eun Young successes a display through her hand tailored adornments, she goes to Austria. There she meets Yoon Jae Ha, who looks a great deal like Lee Su Ho from her youth. Han Hyo Joo and Seo Do Young will take you on this sincerely destroying excursion of affection, absolution, penance, and predetermination. Without a doubt one of Han Hyo Joo’s main 10 dramatizations.

4. Iljimae (2008)

The series is additionally famously known as Iljimae, The Phanom Thief. Besides, this is one of the most captivating and exciting chronicled kdramas. In the event that you appreciated watching Robin Hood, this show is certainly your favorite. This series is enlivened by the renowned Chinese legend about a covered hoodlum from the Ming line during the Joseon time of Korea. This verifiable series will let you know the story of Iljimae throughout the span of twenty scenes. This show circulated on SBS in 2008. Besides, you can believe the writing in this dramatization as the screenwriter was in all honesty the skilled Choi Ran. She has acquired monstrous prevalence through her work in the hit series Mouse in 2021. This recorded activity show was coordinated by Lee Yong Seok (The Great Seer and Wife Returns). Han Hyo Joo’s astonishing exhibitions in chronicled shows are a significant explanation for her notoriety.


In Iljjima, The Phantom Thief, she plays the adoration interest of the trying and brave cheat Iljimae. Albeit the series generally centers around Iljimae, the genuineness of Han Hyo Joo’s person, Byun Eun Chae, towards the week will make you love her. Iljimae, The Phantom Thief recounts to us the narrative of Lee Gyeom. He is the child of the aristocrat, Lee Won Ho. Besides, Lee Won Ho was a steadfast ally and companion of the King. He likewise stood firm on a high footing in Cheonwoohae, which is a mysterious association that comprises of the King and other five aristocrats. Notwithstanding, when a visually impaired psychic who was visiting the land says that Lee Won Ho will sparkle like a sun that individuals will adore. The King orders to kill his confided in devotee Lee Won Ho.

His child, Lee Gyeom, made due as he was stowing away. Notwithstanding, because of the horrendous accidents following up his dad’s passing, Lee Gyeom loses his memory. He is taken on by a previous cheat who names him Yong-I. At the point when Yong-I recovers his memory thirteen years after the fact, he observes the condemning of his more established sister. Subsequent to losing all of his relatives to the unreasonable framework, he assumes control over issues. He takes off on a journey to see as the proprietor of the blade that killed his dad, masked as the baffling Iljimae. Adding to that, he takes the abundance of the aristocrats and gives them off to poor people.

At the point when he experiences passionate feelings for an aristocrat’s girl, Byun Eun Chae, confusion results. You can watch this heart-dashing Han Hyo Joo kdrama on Rakuten Viki.

3. Dong Yi (2010)

Dong Yi is one more astounding recorded Han Hyo Joo dramatization. Fans regularly joke about the H in Han Hyo Joo’s name represents recorded dramatizations. Han Hyo Joo’s depiction of Dong Yi brought her the esteemed Grand Daesang Award. The verifiable dramatization, Dong Yi, depends on the existence of the observed Korean recorded figure, Choi Suk Bin. Besides, Dong Yi comprised of a sum of sixty scenes. Fans previously saw Han Hyo Joo in Dong Yi’s symbol on the 22nd March on MBC in the year 2010. The dramatization proceeded to turn into the most-watched Korean show on a Japanese organization. And furthermore broke various viewership rating records in its country. The astonishing composition of this dramatization is all gratitude to the virtuoso of Kim Yi Young ( Splendid Politics).

Dong Yi

Besides, Kim Sang Hyub, the chief behind True Beauty, Extraordinary You, and Glamorous Temptation, held hands with Lee Byung Hoon, who is known for his work in The Flower In Prison for Dong Yi. This multitude of abilities joined gave us the magnum opus that is Dong Yi. The series follows Dong Yi as she ascends from being a conventional water house keeper in the court to becoming one of the most recognized ladies in Joseon. The principle cast of this dramatization incorporates skilled entertainers like Ji Jin Hee, Lee So Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, Park Ha Sun, Jun Jin Young, other than Han Hyo Joo ahead of the pack job. You can watch this authentic series on Kocowa and Rakuten Viki, where it is accessible as Jewel In The Crown.

2. W: Two Worlds (2016)

Besides, Kim Sang Hyub, the chief behind True Beauty, Extraordinary You, and Glamorous Temptation, held hands with Lee Byung Hoon, who is known for his work in The Flower In Prison for Dong Yi. This multitude of abilities joined gave us the magnum opus that is Dong Yi. The series follows Dong Yi as she ascends from being a conventional water house keeper in the court to becoming one of the most recognized ladies in Joseon. The principle cast of this dramatization incorporates skilled entertainers like Ji Jin Hee, Lee So Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, Park Ha Sun, Jun Jin Young, other than Han Hyo Joo ahead of the pack job. You can watch this authentic series on Kocowa and Rakuten Viki, where it is accessible as Jewel In The Crown.

W: Two Worlds

Han Hyo Joo plays a charming cardiothoracic specialist named Oh Yeon Joo. Her dad is the essayist of a popular webtoon by the name “W”. At the point when her dad unexpectedly vanishes while composing the last part of his webtoon. Before you know it, Oh Yeon Joo ends up got in through the screen and is currently close to a bloodied man. Goodness Yeon Joo suddenly turns into the guardian angel of her most loved webtoon character, Kang Chul, being played by Lee Jong Suk. She additionally finds that she can just go all through this webtoon world dependent on Kang Chul’s sentiments. While there are fans and cynics of this dramatization, nobody denies the mysterious science that Han Hyo Joo imparted to Lee Jung Suk.

You can watch W:Two Worlds featuring Lee Jung Suk and Han Hyo Joo in Netflix, Rakuten Viki, Apple TV, We TV and iflix.

1. Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Splendid Legacy helped Han Hyo Joo set up a splendid heritage ( quip expected) for herself in the kdrama business. Likewise prevalently known as Shining Inheritance and Beautiful Legacy, this 2009 is one of the most famous kdramas there is. In any event, when internet real time stages were not a thing, Brilliant Legacy figured out how to top the viewership rating outline for TWENTY back to back weeks. Moreover, this dramatization set up the base for the wide range of various makjang (absurd) Korean shows to come. The ideal poverty to newfound wealth story with the perfect measure of activity, sentiment, and secret. It connected with watchers the whole way across Asia to such an extent that there is additionally a Chinese change of the series by the name My Splendid Life.

Besides, the plot of Brilliant Legacy is splendidly composed by So Hyun Kyung (Seo Young, My Daughter, and Twenty Again). The overseer of this show is Jin Hyeok, who proceeded to give us some stunning kdramas like Legends Of The Blue Sea, Sisyphus: The Myth, The Mater’s Sun, and City Hunter. Splendid Legacy recounts to us the tale of Go Eun Sang’s life. After her dad bites the dust, she and her sibling get kicked out of their luxurious house. Regardless of this misfortune, Eun Sang keeps on trying sincerely and be thoughtful. At the point when the CEO of a food organization experiences amnesia, Eun Sang is adequately caring to deal with her. In any case, the woman ends up being the grandma of as a matter of fact Sun Woo Hwan. While getting back from her excursion, Eun Sang and Sun Woo Hwan were on a similar flight, and their sacks inadvertently got traded.

Brilliant Legacy

This mishap prompts a variety of errors and in the end love between the two. Splendid Legacy brags of a ritzy principle cast that incorporates blockbuster entertainers like Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Bae Soo Bin, Moo Chae Won, and Ban Hyo Jung. You can partake in this splendid Han Hyo Joo makjang kdrama on Rakuten Viki, SBS World, and Apple TV.

Assuming you need to realize where to watch Han Hyo Joo’s continuous kdrama, you can peruse: How To Watch Happiness Kdrama Online?

Best Han Hyo Joo Movies

5. Love, Lies

Han Hyo Joo’s Love, Lies is set in the year 1943 when South Korea was simply being liberated from the royal Japanese. The film, in a one-hour range wonderfully, recounts the tale of three performers Jang So Yol, Seo Yeon Hee, and Kim Yoon Woo. Albeit the film is principally about the circle of drama between the fundamental characters, there is something else entirely to the film. Han Hyo Joo has been generally applauded for her depiction of Jang So Yol. The entertainer’s demeanor was on moment that carrying on Jang So Yol’s grief stricken person. Jang So Yol and Seo Yeon Hee were indistinguishable dearest companions, however their kinship got destroyed when Kim Yoon Woo, So Yol’s sweetheart, falls head over heels for her dearest companion.

Love, Lies

And on second thought of assisting her with excursion with her fantasies, Kim Yoon Woo offers assistance to Yeon Hee to turn into a pop sensation. With this, So Yol begins falling in reverse because of her wild envy. Moreover, the craftsmanship division of the film was thrilling. Everything from the outfits, areas, and cinematography was on the money. What’s more, obviously, the music of Love, Lies mus have been truly outstanding. Love, Lies additionally has Yeo Yeon Sook, Chun Woo Hee, and Park Sung Woong as the primary cast. With so many incredible variables, is there any valid reason why this film wouldn’t be extraordinary?

4. Postman To Heaven

Paradise’s Postman or Postman To Heaven is an exceptionally enchanted and secretive work of Han Hyo Joo. The tale of the film begins when Ha Na goes to an as far as anyone knows mysterious post box. Individuals who have quite recently lost their friends and family go to this postbox to send a letter to paradise for them. There Ha Na meets Jae Joon, the mailman who sends these letters to paradise and fixes the disheartened heart of the individuals who have lost their friends and family. While working with him, Ha Na’s scars additionally begin to vanish. Alongside that, she and Jae Joon even beginning loving one another. However, what bugs Ha Na is the reason is Jae Joon the mailman? For what reason would he say he was the just one picked to do the work?

 Postman To Heaven

Also, the shots in the film resembled candy to the eyes of the crowd. There were a few scenes in the film where the crowd couldn’t completely accept that how delightfully shot this film is. The title of the film is likewise exceptionally significant. You can’t track down an awful survey for Postman To Heaven. Its cast is additionally brimming with astonishing entertainers and entertainers. Renowned names like Han Hyo Joo herself and Kim Jae Joong had been important for the primary cast.

3. The Beauty Inside

One of Han Hyo Joo’s most pleasant motion pictures. This film made a gigantic buzz due to every one of the different enormous stars that were in it. Moreover, this film is the unrivaled movie by the skilled chief Baek Jang Yeol. Baek Jang Yeol proceeded to win the 52nd Grand Bell Awards for his The Beauty Inside. In addition, this film is a transformation of the Drake Doremus,2012, social film featuring megastars like Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Matthew Gray Gubler. The film depends on a man named Woo Jin who awakens with another face each and every day. Furthermore, Woo Jin has become alright with this bizarre condition that he has. All things considered, he has been awakening with another face each and every day since he was conceived. The main two individuals who know about Woo Joo’s mystery are his mom and dearest companion.

The Beauty Inside

At the point when Woo Joo meets Yi Soo, a sweet young lady who works at a furniture shop, Woo Joo promptly goes completely gaga for her. He utilizes his superpower for his potential benefit and meets his first love as another client consistently. Nonetheless, Woo Joo opposes rest for three days in a row to invest energy with Yi Soo. As the two pass through different obstacles in their relationship, Yi Soo remaining something very similar and Woo Joo with another face each day, they develop further. The Beauty Inside acquired multitudes of watchers at its Box Office discharge. Albeit the greater part of the watchers came in the wake of catching wind of their cherished entertainer being in the film, they were left astonished by the story. This extraordinary ish drama will make you question what is love and what amount can an individual do for the sake of adoration?

Han Hyo Joo dazzled the pundits with her easy presentation and science with the many entertainers that were a piece of this film. Kim Dae Myung, Park Seo Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Hong Da Mi, Yoo Yeon Seok, Do Ji Han, Kim Joo Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Kang Joon, Park Shin Hye, thus a lot more delightful countenances woke up as Woo Joo. The film was even adjusted as a South Korean show featuring Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki in 2018. Without a doubt one of Han Hyo Joo’s best motion pictures that you can appreciate on Rakuten Viki, Amazon Prime Video, and KUKAN.

2. Always

Han Hyo Joo makes each character that she plays forgettable. Her person Jung Hwa in this film is something that the crowds will always remember. Featuring Han Hyo Joo thus Ji Sub, the accomplishment of this show is no confidential to anybody. This heartfelt film sold out more than 2,000 internet based tickets in simple SEVEN seconds. Obviously the film did incredible in the movies theaters. This tragic sentiment was composed by Yoo Young Ah (Kim Ji Young: Born 1982). This was additionally the skilled screenwriter Song II Gon’s last composing adventure.


This film recounts the tale of Jung Hwa and Chul Min, two individuals with total inverse characters. Chul Min is a fighter who has been living without anyone else and sees no light in this world. He meets a delightful phone salesperson who carries light to any circumstance despite the fact that she is gradually losing her vision. Chul Min’s heart that has not been moved by anything for quite a long time, starts to shudder in the wake of meeting Jung Hwa. The film is a genuine tragedy. Moreover, Always has been revamped in various dialects all throughout the planet. You can observe Always it on Amazon Prime Video.

1. Cold Eyes

Cold Eyes is one more incredible South Korean spine chiller. South Korea has really established itself around the world with every one of the astonishing thrill rides. Their spine chillers don’t totally separate from the beginning and consistently remain grounded while keeping the crowds snared simultaneously. Also, Cold Eyes is a revamp of the Chinese film Eye In The Sky. Cho Ui Seok (Make It Big and The World Of Silence) is the genius behind this film.

Cold Eyes

Han Hyo Joo assumes the part of a new kid on the block analyst who holds hands with Chief Detective Hwang Sun Jun to find the perilous criminal named James. All through the film, Han Hyo Joo is called ‘piglet’, which is her code name. Moreover, she has a visual memory and will leave you naive with her battling abilities. There is anything but a solitary dull second in this whole two-extended film. Till the end, it will make them think about what will occur straightaway. Cold Eyes is likewise positioned as one of the most mind-blowing Korean spine chillers, and the way that it has Han Hyo Joo makes it surprisingly better. You can partake in this film on Rakuten Viki.

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