Software Performance Testing: Process Stages and Best Practices


Software Performance Testing: Process Stages and Best Practices

The encounters of clients with the custom programming are hurt by programming execution blemishes, bringing about a deficiency of purchasers and pay and restricting the capacity of a product advancement organization to scale. I advocate coordinating execution testing in the testing degree and directing fitting types of execution testing right off the bat in the improvement stage to guarantee your item effectively handles anticipated traffic volumes and stays stable during client action floods.

In this article, Hanna Shnaider, the head of promoting at FortySeven would go through a portion of the basic strides of the custom programming execution testing process. She would likewise go through the absolute accepted procedures utilized by FortySeven IT while performing execution testing for our clients like custom programming advancement firms.

What is Performance Testing?

Execution testing is non-utilitarian testing that involves testing programming or an application to decide its present framework execution. It assesses the responsiveness and steadiness of your current framework under different responsibility situations. The framework is actually tried under different burden and organization circumstances, and the time it takes for the framework to react to these heaps is carefully checked.

What is Performance Testing

This testing technique basically characterizes the framework’s speed of activity, and it incorporates both quantitative tests acted in a lab and tests led in a creation like climate. With Agile and DevOps approaches on the ascent, this testing strategy is a higher priority than at any other time.

The 5 Software Performance Testing Process Stages

  1. Identifying testing goals and selecting appropriate testing methods

Load testing is an incredible method for evaluating how programming acts under ordinary circumstances and the normal traffic. Stress testing is a magnificent method for perceiving how well an application performs when the traffic load is altogether higher than anticipated. Versatility testing should be remembered for the testing extension to decide the capacity of an application to scale as more traffic is applied to it. Strength testing is likewise used to decide if programming stays stable over the long run, including day in and day out activities.

  1. Elaborating and confirming user scenarios

Then, execution test engineers or a custom programming designer make explicit client situations for significant client jobs in the accompanying stage. They should work with BAs, the item proprietor, and other venture partners to recognize the most applicable client jobs for execution testing and depend on them to impersonate client exercises. For instance, when we were trying the exhibition of an eCommerce answer for one of our clients, we recognized client jobs like visitor, signed in, and rehash clients, and make situations, for example, signing in or pursuing a record, auditing past orders, looking for things in an item index, seeing item page subtleties, adding an item to the truck, etc.

  1. Designing performance tests

Then, at that point, execution test architects should develop load profiles and compose execution test scripts for an application to survey the necessary exhibition measurements. A custom programming organization would propose zeroing in on assessing the accompanying presentation KPIs for a balanced point of view of the exhibition of an application:

The greatest number of individuals who can utilize the product at the same time.

  • Reaction time is the point at which a client gets the main byte of information until the last byte is gotten.
  • Hits each second – demands are gotten by the objective server’s rate.
  • Throughput – the normal each second data transfer capacity utilization of a test.
  • Level of mistakes each second.
  • Inertness is the time it takes for a solicitation to be made to the server and a reaction to be gotten.

Designing performance tests


  1. Setting up an environment for performance testing

You might run execution tests to settle on the best decision in a test or a creation climate. I suggest gauging the expenses of setting up a test climate against vacation’s possible effect and cost on a custom programming advancement and versatile application improvement or custom programming improvement organization’s activities and clients. Regardless, custom programming advancement organizations favor performing execution tests in a test climate rather than underway on the grounds that testing underway could prompt issues like:

  • Genuine application clients will encounter more slow reaction times and issues.
  • An application might become lethargic.
  • On the off chance that numerous information base records are produced during testing, the data set reaction time might be affected even after the testing is finished.
    Keeping the test climate separated is likewise pivotal since genuine client movement might impact the precision of experimental outcomes and make it difficult to distinguish the main drivers of execution issues.
  1. Carrying out performance testing and assessing the findings

Test engineers or a custom programming designer complete the tests in a particular climate. Assuming you choose to embrace execution testing underway, guarantee that the tests are run during off-top hours when genuine client traffic is low. After the testing is finished, plan execution upgrades in view of the recognized exhibition KPIs.

Best Practices for Ensured Test Results Reliability


  • The test climate ought to intently look like the creation climate, with a similar number of data set records as underway. Consider utilizing a cloud-based test climate to set aside cash and exertion while setting up the test climate. This will permit advancement organizations to get a good deal on framework in light of the fact that your product improvement organization will just compensation for its an ideal opportunity to utilize the assets.
  • Sufficient organization data transmission ought to be accessible in light of the fact that insufficient transfer speed can cause break issues in client demands, influencing the precision of test discoveries.
    The intermediary server ought to be eliminated from the organization way, as an intermediary will furnish the client with information from the store, making the client quit sending solicitations to the server.


For eCommerce programming advancement organizations, for instance, stable programming execution is crucial to an extraordinary client experience. Thus, it is basic to guarantee that your application performs reliably under arranged and top burdens, as well as giving adaptability choices and the presentation of the testing group at FortySeven is accessible all the time to help with this work; present a solicitation. At any transformative phase, the FortySeven programming experts are accessible to help you in estimating the presentation of your item.


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