SD card not mounting on Mac, what to do?


SD card not mounting on Mac, what to do?


The SD card is regularly utilized for both tech experts and typical clients because of its versatility and similarity. Nonetheless, advanced gadgets can’t endure forever and a few issues might happen. For instance, SD card not recognized by the PC, SD card not appearing on the gadget, SD card not mounting, and SD card not intelligible on Mac. This post centers around answers for the mounting issue when you can’t track down the gadget or can’t get to the documents on the SD card. Peruse on in the event that you’re disturbed by a similar issue.


Solutions to SD card not mounting on Mac


There are many checks and fixes when SD card not mounting on Mac. You are recommended to do it individually to figure out the explanation and answer for fix this irritating issue. how about we kick it off.



Solution 1: Try the memory card on another Mac or card reader


Now and again not the SD card itself is having issues, to confirm that, you can test the card on another gadget. You can either embed into another PC or attempt another card peruser. If luckily, the card is acting great, it implies the memory card isn’t harmed or tainted.


Solution 2: Restart your Mac


Try not to underrate the force of restarting your Mac. A speedy begin once again can shockingly fix the issue. Thusly, assuming your SD card is misfunctioning, reboot your Mac and see what occurs. Odds are good that it tends to be recognized and mounted then.


Solution 3: Check the format of your memory card


Similarity can likewise be an issue. Macintosh won’t peruse SD card assuming that it’s Windows BitLocker scrambled. This element is created by Microsoft and doesn’t deal with macOS. Assuming that you are approached to include the secret phrase for the SD card, it implies it’s BitLocker scrambled. To utilize BitLocker scrambled drives on Mac, you can first decode it in quite a while PC and afterward associate it with your Mac.


Solution 4: Update the disk driver


An outdated plate driver probably won’t mount your SD card appropriately. Hence, to stay aware of the outside stockpiling gadget, your plate driver should be refreshed to the most recent one also. You can find assuming there’s any Software Update in System Preferences and update the product.


Solution 5: Check the settings in Finder and Disk Utility


There’s one situation where your memory card is really mounted however not set to appear. That is the reason you can’t see the card on the work area or Finder. You can really look at the settings in both Finder and Disk Utility. This is the way.


In Finder:

  • Open Finder from the Dock.
  • Choose Preferences… from the upper left icon.
  • Click General and check if you tick External disks. If not, select the option.
  • Click Sidebar and check if you tick External disks. If not, select the option.

In Disk Utility:

  • Go to Launchpad and find Disk Utility in Other.
  • Check if your SD card is listed in the left sidebar. Make sure you choose Show All Devices.

In the event that you can find a turned gray out memory card in Disk Utility, your capacity media could have some framework mistakes like harm or defilement. Move to the following answer for see how might benefit from outside input ruined SD cards.


Solution 6: Repair problematic SD card in Disk Utility


A turned gray out symbol implies the PC identifies your SD card yet sees as in incapable to typically mount it. It very well may be a record framework blunder under this situation. Fortunately, Apple has an inherent fix apparatus in Disk Utility that could end up being useful to a little with regards to plate fix. We should find out how the enchanted turns out.


  • Open Disk Utility by following the steps mentioned above.
  • Click View in the menu bar and make sure Show All Devices are checked.
  • Select the misbehaving SD card and click First Aid from the top of the window.
  • Click Run to start disk diagnosis and repair.

Once it’s done, you can try out the card to see if it works.


Solution 7: Reformat the SD card (not recommended)


There’s a fair opportunity that in the wake of having a go at all that over, the SD card not mounting on Mac issue stays perplexing. Up until this point, there’s one more yet a definitive answer for you, that is to reformat the memory card to have a new beginning. Caution: reformatting a drive will clear out every one of the information put away inside and the documents can’t be reestablished. You are exceptionally recommended to reestablish information prior to reformatting a SD card by utilizing proficient information recuperation programming like iBoysoft Data Recovery. In the wake of settling down the records, you can continue with reformatting.


Sum up


However there are attainable answers for tackle outer capacity drives not dealing with Mac, this sort of issue might occur out of the blue. What should be seen is that it’s generally a beneficial routine of keeping a standard reinforcement, in the event any mishap happens.

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