Most Popular Healthcare and Medical Websites


Researching subjects of fitness care, scientific conditions, drugs, doctors, hospital, etc. here is the list of Most Popular Healthcare and Medical Websites as It may be a totally complicated process. The healthcare purchaser is annoyed while attempting to investigate fitness care subjects. The following 15 web sites are designed to attention at the maximum famous web sites with the best quantity of statistics to be had to the purchaser.

Most Popular Healthcare and Medical Websites
Most Popular Healthcare and Medical Websites

The 15 indexed Web sites are indexed as links. Click the internet site name, the internet site will appear, click on at the hyperlink and move immediately to the site.

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Most Popular Healthcare and Medical Websites

1 WebMD

WebMD gives treasured fitness statistics, fitness control tools, and aid for the ones searching for statistics. You can agree with that our content material is well timed and dependable.

WebMD is envisioned to get hold of over 19 million particular site visitors every month. Although 70 percentage of customers are primarily based totally in America, the company teamed up with high-road chain of chemists Boots to provide UK-specific, GP reviewed fitness statistics thru the BootsWebMD website.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the most important supply of scientific studies investment withinside the international and to praise its operations it boasts one of the internet’s maximum famous healthcare websites. Estimates recommend gets on common a stunning 20 million particular site visitors each month, with over forty percentage of these visits coming from the US.

According to Alexa and its three-month site visitors rankings, the recognition of the NIH internet site is ranked as #161 withinside the US and #354 on a international scale. Alexa statistics additionally exhibits that site visitors generally live at the web website online for approximately 4 minutes. The internet site functions various content, from ordinary fitness facts to info of its offers and investment and schooling and studies programmes. It’s fitness facts is especially classified with the aid of using age businesses gender; Child & Teen Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Minority Health and Seniors’ Health.

3 Yahoo! Health

Yahoo! Health covers a extensive variety of fitness control subjects and gives vital statistics to the healthcare purchaser. Yahoo! Health is rumoured to get hold of over 21 million perspectives a month, attracting traffic with its huge sort of content material and fitness advice. The major functions encompass a symptom checker, a ‘Find a Doctor’ device and BMI calculator and the internet site additionally affords the state-of-the-art news, articles and professional opinion.

4 MayoClinic

The Mayo Health System has greater than 3,three hundred doctors, scientists and researchers from the Mayo Clinic sharing their information to empower you. Find out why Mayo Clinic is the proper vicinity in your fitness care. MayoClinic is certainly considered one among the most important not-for-income clinical centres withinside the world. As nicely as presenting high-quality affected person care, the organisation’s completely complete internet site enjoys about seven million visits a month. The web website online capabilities recommendation concerning wellbeing, data on its offerings and info of its cutting-edge training and studies programmes.

5 MedicineNet

MedicineNet is a web, fitness media publishing company. We offer easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative scientific statistics to its customers thru its robust, easy-to-use, and interactive internet site.

6 Drugs is the largest, maximum visited, scientific statistics carrier to be had at the Internet. Our aim is to be the maximum dependable Internet supply for drug statistics as well. We will reap this aim via way of means of handing over independent, purposeful, complete and updated statistics in a clean and concise layout for each customers and fitness professionals.

7 Everyday Life

EverydayLife operates a brand new advertising and marketing and verbal exchange platform for fitness care groups trying to interact with customers and fitness professionals.

8 HealthGrades

At Healthgrades, our aim is to assist customers discover the proper physician and the proper hospital, so as to get the proper care.

9 Health

We need you to be your maximum trustworthy accomplice to your pursuit of fitness and well-being.

10 Mercola

With all of the web sites, newspapers, magazines, and different courses that provide fitness advice, with all of the new TV advertisements for a million million marketed drugs, with any advice given to standard and herbal healers, it’s far vital to reply this query chiefly others: what’s their actual motive?

11 Health can provide applicable statistics in clean, jargon-loose language that brings lifestyles to content material in people’s lives. With scientific content material, statistics from professionals and actual people, and the modern information, we respond: the way it happened, how it’s far, what you may do approximately it, and why it matters.

12 MindBodyGreen

Medical News Today (MNT) is owned and operated via way of means of MediLexicon International Ltd, a main fitness net publishing company, situated withinside the United Kingdom and places of work in Taiwan.

13 Medscape

Medscape is the world’s main scientific and healthcare issuer worldwide, imparting the modern scientific information and professional opinions; vital statistics on drug and ailment care; and applicable expert training and CME.

14 RxList

RxList is a web scientific tool devoted to supplying the maximum updated and cutting-edge drug statistics on drug and general medicine. Founded via way of means of pharmacists in 1995, RxList is a chief supply of Internet Drug Index Index.

15 MedicalNewsToday

Medical News Today (MNT) is owned and operated via way of means of MediLexicon International Ltd, a main fitness net publishing company, situated withinside the United Kingdom and places of work in Taiwan.

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