4 Reasons To Create a Photo Album And Preserve Your Memories


Since smartphones became popular and equipped with good quality cameras, taking photos every time has become the norm. We have all witnessed this change. It no longer matters what the location or the circumstances are, or whether the photos are with family, friends, or selfies. Everything matters the same. People are taking more pictures today than ever. We have all become a kind of photographer. There is nothing wrong with this, as modern technology made it possible, so why not take advantage of it? Taking photos these days is a breeze and most people take at least a couple of images a day. But, as technology gives you one thing, it takes another from you. That is the circle of life.

Thanks to the colossal memory storage that our phones and computers have, we often use them to store our photos. Because most images remain on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, we rarely print them out and put them in photo albums. What we don’t think about is what happens if something happens to our electronic devices. Phones are stolen, computers are broken, and clouds are hacked. Many things can go wrong. If you haven’t backed up your data, some photos might be gone forever. If this hasn’t convinced you that you need a photobook, don’t worry; we are not done yet. Here are four reasons to create a photo album and preserve your memories.

1. For Your Kids

For Your Kids

As Metallica would say, only memories remain. This song tells a great truth. If you think of your children, you must create memories for them. Having photos on the phone or on the computer is great, but how about a photo book designed to your liking? We think it sounds a lot better; you do not agree? There is no valid reason not to. If you have a great photo album, you don’t need to back up your data. Imagine showing them to your children once they are old enough: photos of their youth in an old photobook. Nothing could beat this kind of bonding. Each picture usually has its story, and we are sure your kids will enjoy listening to it while viewing the photos together. It would be even better if you showed them this photobook one more time when they are fully grown, for their prom or prom. Reliving childhood memories is something special for any child. Trust us; You will get a big thank you from your kids if you do this.

2. For Friends And Family

For Friends And Family

Every home should have a photobook. A home is a place where you spend time with your friends and family. It is customary to take photographs on the occasions that require it. But, as you get older, you won’t remember too often to review old photos. But, if you store all your valuable images in one place, you could give your friends and loved ones a real treat. We are sure that you will receive them from time to time. If they are still around you, nothing will warm their hearts more than going over old photos after dinner.

There are many themes for a good photobook. We can only start with wedding photos, travel photos, or photos of old meetings. You get the idea, and once you read this part, we are sure you will have a couple of things to add. Seeing them in the right company could be the best hobby. The best part is that you can retake photos of the reactions to this photobook while making material for another. If you’re looking for the right place to get one, visit My Social Book.

3. As a Gift

As a Gift

After a while, all the gifts bore people. After a couple of birthdays and New Years’, you usually run out of ideas of what to give people as gifts. Trust us, the item we are talking about here will make this problem go away. Giving someone a photobook as a gift can’t be beaten. If you don’t know where to get the right photos, you aren’t thinking enough. But don’t worry, we will cover this part for you. We live in the age of social media, and this is where you should look. Take a look at their social networks and collect the photos that you might think they will love or that they will have in a photobook. If this is not your modus operandi, we advise you to request images directly from the people you want to surprise. Yes, this will spoil the surprise, but you will probably see them more happy than surprised. In the end, you can focus on the design of the gift and customize it to your preferences. Either way, you will have a fantastic surprise.

4. To Tell a Love Story

To Tell a Love Story

Romantic, right? It’s about collecting the right memories. The beginning of your relationship? Check! When you told him that you are in love, the reaction photo can work if you have it captured in the following moments. We can dig even deeper and target compromise, or proposal time. These days, people hire a professional photographer to take photos for these occasions. The wedding ceremony is another event that is recorded. You probably still remember the feeling you had in all these moments; don’t relive them every day. Now, you have a great way to be able to revive them. Of course, you guessed it, through the photobook. Tell us it’s not a good idea and we’ll call you a liar! Collecting photos that convey this wealth of emotions is a must-do for your loved one. Thinking of the times past with joy will set you up for an even brighter future.


Now that you have finished reading this article, there isn’t much left to do. Gather your thoughts and ideas and start collecting your treasured photos. We both know what you are going to do with them. Please tell us which of the four ideas we presented hit you the most.

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